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Creating A Sound was founded on December 1, 2009 in the form of the Morning Glory Worship Call. It was the answer to the call to worship issued to its founder, Apostle Brenda Henton-Price. Apostle Brenda began prophetic worship as a closed session between her and the Lord in the comfort of her living room. And now, years later, the private development has resulted in an open channel of communication between God and many others. Over the years, Creating A Sound has received thousands of calls from across the United States, Canada, and London. It has been stated that while sitting under the umbrella of this type of worship, you feel a true connection to the very Throne Room of God. As a visitor, we say, 'Get ready to enter God's Throne Room,' but as a partner, we say, 'Get ready to reside in that Throne Room while having unlimited access.'

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Creating A Sound