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The Secrets of the Abundance


So many times, we focus on what we can't touch: the secrets. This book is designed to get us to focus on the abundance, the possibilities, the potential, and to answer the personal question: How can I manifest the tangible benefits of my life?

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One Night with a King

Prophetic Worship CD

Included in the 21-Day Word Infusion Affirmation Program.

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21-Day Word Infusion Affirmation Program

Training Manual

If you can speak, you can easily discover how to benefit from simple strategies used by ordinary people to receive extra-ordinary results. We must use the weapons that the experiences of life form and apply Biblical concepts that render these weapons powerless, understanding that the issues of life may paint the picture, but it is the Word that frames it.

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Morning Glory Global Worship Call

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Mornings @ 5:00 AM CST

1 (641) 715-3630 | Access Code: 134791#

Let Us Hear Your Sound!

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A Prophetic Word for 2018

This year “2018” is about souls. This is the year of the harvest emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. The tears, trials, tests, turmoils, trouble, trepidations, temptation and setbacks that you experience in “2017” are getting ready to pay divine dividends in“2018.” Many of you who have sown in tears, have cried your last tear. You are getting ready to reap in joy; your night season is over, this is your harvest time.

The paradigm shift that is happening right now is due to the fact that we are on an accelerated course of action. Time as we once knew it will be no more, not for our children and our children’s children. This is not the time to become weary, but this is the time for great expectation, declaration without the labor pains.

  • Think big.
  • Think bold.
  • Think outside of the box.
  • This will be a year of reflection.
  • This will be a year of re-organization.
  • House cleaning- get rid of those who are there just for the ride.
  • Decision– know what you want to do in life and for the kingdom and do it.
  • Promotion and re-assignments are coming your way. Don’t be upset if you are asked to do something that is outside of your training, degree or expertise. It’s just part of the preparation for your next assignment.
  • This is the year of expansion, go for it.
  • In this season, you will still be reaping, as you are sowing. Remember it takes a seed to break a cycle.
  • This will be a year of addition, multiplication and supernatural increase. The dry and parched land shall become a wellspring of living water.
  • A year of revelation- Christ must be revealed in order to be demonstrated.
  • A year of divine connections- doors that were once shut and opportunities that were once lost will return for a second chance. Don’t miss it, but be prepared.
  • Dream again.
  • Believe again.
  • Hope again.

Signs, wonders and miracles will be performed for His honor and glory. Twenty five years was the time that Abraham patiently waited for the promise. We just hit twenty five years.

Pastor Johnny L. Burns, Sr.

New Life Church

Ledyard, Connecticut

December 16, 2017


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You can join Pastor Johnny and New Life Church on their Morning Glory Conference Call Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 5:00 AM EST.

1 (857) 232-0159

Access Code: 163756#

Seven Souls in Seven Days

Join us in reaching the world with the Gospel one soul at a time, one day at a time. Make an effort to share the love of Christ with someone today.

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Prophetess Stacey N. Cox is the visionary and founder of Beautiful Gate Ministry, online host for Release the Word Radio Network and Release the Word Channel, Beautiful Life Makeover coach, and Disarming Strongholds in Love speaker. 

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